Licensing Act 2003

As the licensing authority, we regulate the sale of alcohol


The Licensing Act 2003 applies to premises in England and Wales that sell or supply alcohol, provide regulated entertainment, or provide late night refreshment. It gives us an important role in regulating the sale and supply of alcohol in Hart.

For more information about licensing in Hart:

Read our joint statement of licensing policy

Licensing objectives

The licensing process is underpinned by the four licensing objectives:

  1. prevention of crime and disorder
  2. public safety
  3. prevention of public nuisance
  4. protection of children from harm

Licensable activities as defined by the Act include:

  • sale and/or supply of alcohol
  • provision of regulated entertainment which includes:
    • a performance of a play
    • an exhibition of a film
    • an indoor sporting event (subject to some exemptions)
    • boxing or wrestling entertainment
    • a performance of live music (subject to some exemptions)
    • playing of recorded music (subject to some exemptions)
    • provision of late-night refreshment


Businesses, organisations and individuals who want to sell or supply alcohol in Hart must have a licence or other authorisation from the Council.

For more information about the law and the types of licence available, please visit the GOV.UK website, where you can also apply for an alcohol licence


If you are carrying out or holding an event you may need a licence. The type of licence will depend on if it is a temporary event or, if you are looking for a longer term permission, you may need to apply for a premises licence.