Club premises certificate

Sports and social clubs where alcohol or entertainment are provided require a club premises certificate

You must apply to us for a club premises certificate if you run a sports or social club that provides alcohol or entertainment to its members.

Who should apply?

To qualify for a club premises certificate, your club must ensure:

  • it has premises that are occupied and used regularly for club purposes
  • it only provides alcohol and entertainment to members and their guests
  • anyone serving alcohol at the club, or buying it for the club, is over 18
  • there is no arrangement for anyone to benefit financially from buying or selling alcohol
  • new members wait two days from their application before getting membership privileges
  • it is established and conducted in good faith
  • it has at least 25 members

You may wish to apply for a premises licence rather than a club certificate if you wish to hold public events and allow anyone to attend without having to be a member or guest.