Rent bond scheme

Get help with a deposit or your first few weeks of rent

Advice for tenants

If you need to move but can’t raise your own deposit, you may be eligible for our rent bond scheme.

This helps people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness by assisting with their search for private rented accommodation.

We offer a bond guarantee for up to six weeks’ rent to help you find somewhere to live in the private rented sector. We may also offer you additional funding for one month’s rent in advance if you can’t find this yourself. The scheme does not provide funding for holding deposits or administration fees.

Am I eligible?

We can explain your options and confirm if you are eligible.

Make an appointment:

We can give you a list of landlords and letting agents able to help people through the rent bond scheme.

Advice for landlords

We interview and assess all tenants before approaching a landlord, and work hard to match tenants to suitable properties.

Once the tenancy is in place, we continue to support tenants to maintain their tenancies. We will handle all the paperwork, including the inventory, and act as a mediator if disputes arise.

We can tell you about changes in the law and upcoming legislation.

To find out more about the benefits for landlords and our terms and conditions, please contact the landlord liaison officer on 01252 774420 or email