Types of tenancy

The types of tenancy offered by housing associations

Housing associations can offer you several types of tenancy:

Assured tenancy 

These tenancies have no end date. They can run for as long as you continue living in your home and don’t breach your tenancy agreement. 

Fixed-term tenancy 

The housing association will grant you a tenancy for a set period.  They will then review your tenancy to decide if it can be renewed. 

Different housing associations offer fixed-term tenancies of different lengths. The length of yours will be set out in their tenancy policy. Generally they are for at least five years.  

Please note that many housing associations in Hart no longer offer fixed-term tenancies. They only offer assured tenancies. Please check the property advert details for the type of tenancy being offered. 

Starter tenancy 

If you are a new tenant, the housing association may offer you a starter tenancy. This is usually for 12 months, after which it will be reviewed. You would then be offered an assured or fixed-term tenancy.