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Broken bins advert. To order a bin please call 01252 622122Assisted collection 

If you are unable to put your refuse/recycling containers out for collection because you are elderly or disabled and there is no able-bodied person to assist you, please fill in the form.

Additional capacity and buying bins

Each household is entitled to a maximum of one x 240 litre household waste bin. In exceptional circumstances we may be able permit residents an additional or larger black bin for household waste. Please complete the additional capacity form to apply. Any additional waste can be taken to your nearest household waste-recycling centre. If you are eligible for an extra bin please see our price list.

You do not need to complete an additional capacity form if:

-You want to upgrade from a 140 litre to 240 litre household waste bin

-Purchase an additional recycling bin, as the maximum number per household is unlimited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why recycle?

Recycling is a really important part of dealing with your waste.  It helps reserve natural resources, saves energy and money and ensures you get the best value for money from your services.

My waste, recycling or garden bin/sack has not been collected, what should I do?

You can report a missed bin collection, or a missing bin, by completing this online form. You will need to report a missed collection within 48 hrs however. Please note: All collections are made from the kerbside outside of your property between 6.30am and 5pm on your specified days. If we've missed your bin, please allow us up to 4pm on the day of collection before reporting it to us, to allow for delays such as weather or road works. Your missed bin will then be collected before the end of the following day.

Why Can't I recycle mixed plastics such as margarine tubs, meat trays and yogurt pots?

Mixed recycling collected in Hampshire is sorted at one of two Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). These facilities sort items into different streams (e.g. aluminium, steel, plastic bottles) via a mix of mechanical and manual sorting. Our MRFs are able to sort plastic bottles from other materials via an “optical sort” whereby infra-red light is used to identify and separate plastic bottles.

Plastic pots, tubs and trays (PTT) are made from several different types of plastic, making them difficult and expensive to recycle. Currently, these mixed plastics cannot be sorted in Hampshire MRFs without investing significantly in new equipment, which is extremely expensive. Collecting mixed plastics (PTT) creates additional problems:

  • Any recyclable material needs a viable and sustainable end market – I.e. a reprocessor who will physically recycle the material in a cost effective manner. Currently there is no viable market for over half of the PTT that we could collect. This is an issue facing all local councils - the destination for the material with no market would be landfill or incineration.
  • Sorting would not be 100% accurate, and it is likely the other material streams e.g. paper could be contaminated with plastic if PTT were added. This is because of the difficulty of trying to sort so many types of plastic. This would in turn reduce the monetary value of other materials.
  • PTT may be contaminated with food, which again could reduce the quality of other materials.
  • Plastic Trays made from the same plastic as bottles is not of the same quality.
  • Some pots (e.g. yogurt pots) contain more than 1 type of plastic – i.e. the rigid top and softer body – which cannot be separated.
  • Many plastic trays are black. When these are on black conveyor belts in the MRF they cannot be “seen” by the optical sorting technology and will therefore end up being disposed of.
  • It is estimated that recycling rates would increase by less than 1% if PTT were to be accepted for recycling.

How can I find out more information about waste and recycling

Here are just a few useful websites that provide additional information:

Love food hate waste - great tips on looking after your food and your pounds
Recycle now - A national website with great recycling tips and ideas
Recycling in schools - Recycle for Hampshire run an education program and also offers lots of advice
Real nappies - If you are considering using real nappies this website is a great place to start.

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