Help & advice

Broken bins advert. To order a bin please call 01252 622122Assisted collection 

If you are unable to put your refuse/recycling containers out for collection because you are elderly or disabled and there is no able-bodied person to assist you, please fill in the assisted collection form.

Healthcare waste 

We can collect healthcare (clinical) waste from your property and provide the necessary containers, once we receive a referral from your doctor surgery or health practice to start collections. 

Only one referral is required, so your property can be added to our records and no subsequent referrals are required for collections thereafter. 

If you are new to the service, you will need to contact your doctor surgery or health practice and ask them to send a referral to 

Once we have received the referral, we will contact you with details on how the process works. 

If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing or by phoning 01252 622122 

Additional capacity 

The standard allocation for all households in Hart is one x 240 litre household waste bin. 

This should be sufficient capacity if your household waste is managed effectively and you recycle as much as possible. However, if there are exceptional circumstances particular to your household, we may be able to permit an additional household waste bin and this can be requested by completing the  additional bin capacity application form.

There is no limit to the amount of recycling bins or glass containers per household. 

If you are a garden waste subscriber, you can purchase an additional garden waste bin (the service charge reflects the number of bins you have). 

All bins in Hart are chargeable and can be purchased by phoning our contact centre on 01252 622122

Frequently Asked Questions

My bin has not been emptied, what should I do?

You can report a missed bin collection by completing this online form. You will need to report a missed collection within 2-working days. However, please note: All collections are made from the kerbside outside of your property between 6.30am and 6pm on your specified days. If we have missed your bin, please allow us up to 6pm on the day of collection before reporting it to us, to allow for delays such as weather or road works. 

Circumstances where we will NOT return to empty your bin are: 

  • Not presented for emptying or put out after the crew have been

  • Overfull or too heavy 

  • Contamination with incorrect items 

  • Un-authorised additional bin or container 

  • Excess waste (flattened excess cardboard placed next to your recycling bin can be taken) 

  • Damaged bin 

  • Wrong colour bin presented (if in doubt, put both bins out)

  • Bin presented on the wrong day for emptying 

If any of the above apply, we will not be returning until the next scheduled collection and you should take your bin back onto your property. Any built up waste can be taken to your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre. 

Missed communal collections at flats should be reported directly to your block management company, who can then liaise with the council or take corrective action.

My bin/container is damaged or missing. What do I do ?

If your bin is damaged or missing, you will need to purchase a new one by phoning our contact centre on 01252 622122.

Unless it is a new bin found to be defective, damage is attributed to fair wear and tear. This is because the plastic lugs and body become brittle over time and can fracture during the emptying process. Council tax payments do not cover bin provision, therefore there is a charge to replace damaged or missing bins. Charges are on our bins prices list

Glass containers are currently issued free of charge and can be ordered by phoning our contact centre on 01252 622122 or e-mailing 

How and where should I present my bin for emptying ?

  • Please put your bin out for emptying no later than 0630am on collection day. If your bin is not out when the crew arrive, it will be logged as “not out” and we will not return.

  • Your bin should be presented on the public footpath next to the kerb. If this is not possible, it should be placed either on the public footpath directly outside your property, at a communal bin collection point agreed by the council and the landowner or on the boundary of your property and the public footpath with the handle facing outwards (our crew will not step onto your property to retrieve the bin). 

  • If your household is authorised for assisted collection, you can leave your bins at the agreed collection point on your property. 

  • Your bin lid must be closed and all the waste contained within the bin, otherwise we cannot empty it. 

  • Position your bin so that it does not cause an obstruction on the public footpath or highway. 

  • We recommend that you number your bin to reduce the chances of it going missing. Our crews may handle more than one bin at a time. 

  • You must take your bin back onto your property as soon as possible after emptying. 

  • Please show consideration on collection day when parking vehicles in the road, to allow safe access for the waste collection vehicle. Unfortunately, collections for all properties in your road could be affected if vehicles block access.