Feedback on our services

We hope that you will be happy with all the services you receive from us. Most of the time we get it right and we’d love to hear from you when we do. You can provide us with feedback by filling in our customer feedback form.

We’ve published our customer care standards that sets out our promise around our services. We always try to get things right first time.

But things do go wrong. You might not always be happy with the service you receive from us and want to make a complaint. If this happens, we want to know to put it right.

What is a complaint?

We define a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction about the way in which we have provided a service. This could be:

  • A delay in taking action without good reason
  • A repeated failure to provide a service
  • Mistakes in the way a decision has been taken
  • Not following the law or the Council’s own policies
  • Broken promises
  • Bias or unfair discrimination
  • Rude, unhelpful, or improper behaviour by staff
  • Poor communication from staff

How to make a complaint

We have a two-stage procedure for making a complaint about a council service. We’d like to try and resolve the issue informally before you go to this stage.

Documents relating to the complaints policy

This page is a summary of the overall policy. For more detail on each stage and what we can consider a complaint, you can download the complaints policy.