We at Hart District Council hope that you will be happy with all the services you receive from us. Most of the time we get it right and we’d love to hear from you when we do. We are also only human and occasionally we get things wrong. You can provide us with feedback by filling in our online customer feedback form.

If we have got things wrong or you feel that our services could be improved, please let us know - we will do all we can to investigate and solve problems as quickly as possible. The best thing to do is to either phone or email the team concerned to see if the issue can be resolved. You can find information on our response times in our customer care standards. Hopefully, this means we can get things put right quickly. If you do feel you need to make a formal complaint, please have a look at our complaints procedure and see the next steps below:

  1. Talk directly to the Officer concerned. We aim to resolve everything at this stage. 
  2. If you are still unhappy, you can contact us. Please make sure you tell us that you have already spoken to an officer about this. 
  3. If after the two steps above you still feel the issue is not resolved, make your complaint in writing to the Chief Executive. This is the final stage of the Council's internal complaints procedure.

At stages 1 to 3 your complaint should be acknowledged within 1 working day and responded to within 10 working days. If more than 30 days goes by between the above stages without us hearing from you, we will assume the matter has been dealt with satisfactorily and the complaint will be closed. If you are still not satisfied with the answers and you feel that there has been maladministration by the Council, please follow the guidance within the complaints procedure and contact the Local Government Ombudsman

If you wish to make a complaint against a Councillor please take a look at the information and advice on this first.

If you wish to make a complaint about either Hart Leisure Centre or Frogmore Leisure Centre, please direct all stage 1 complaints to the relevant manager at the centre. If you are still unhappy you can contact us and we will carry out stage 2 and, if necessary, stage 3 of the complaint, as per our complaints procedure.

The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) looks at complaints about councils and some other authorities and organisations. For more information, please visit the LGO website.

We enjoy professional, courteous, respectful contact with almost all customers, whatever the outcome of our work. Our Policy and Guidance for Dealing with Unreasonable Customer Behaviour sets out our expectations and encourages an effective working relationship.

Petitions to the Council

For more information on how to submit a petition to the Council or to view any current petitions, please visit our Petitions to the Council page.