Drainage and flooding responsibilities

Find out which organisation to contact for flooding and drainage issues

Different organisations deal with different types of flooding. 

Hampshire County Council (Hampshire’s Lead Local Flood Authority)

The County Council is responsible for managing the risk of flooding from:

  • surface water (rainfall) runoff
  • ordinary watercourses
  • groundwater

As the highway authority, Hampshire County Council is also responsible for flooding on most of the road network.

More details can be found on the Hampshire County Council flooding website.

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is responsible for:

  • flooding from main rivers
  • issuing Flood Warnings
  • maintaining flood maps for rivers, surface water and groundwater
  • managing and supervising main rivers

More information can be found on the Environment Agency website.

Thames Water

Thames Water is responsible for:

  • managing and maintaining the public sewerage system (foul and surface water)
  • flooding from public sewers and pumping stations

More details can be found on the Thames Water website.

South East Water

South East Water is responsible for:

  • the supply of clean water up to and including your water stopcock
  • water leaks from the clean water supply

More detailed information can be found on the South East Water website.

Hart District Council

We maintain watercourses and drainage assets where we are the landowner. 

If you are aware of any flooding or drainage issues relating to Hart District Council-owned drainage assets, please contact drainage@hart.gov.uk.

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