Private water supplies

Help us identify households and businesses that rely on a private water supply 

What is a private water supply?

A private water supply is any water supply not provided by a water company and not considered to be a 'mains' supply. It can be obtained from a variety of sources such as wells, boreholes, springs, rivers and lakes.

All private water supplies can pose a threat to health unless they are properly protected and treated. You may not be able to tell whether your water is safe, as contamination may not show in smell, taste or colour of the water.  

You can find more information about private water supplies at the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Is your property on a private water supply?

We are currently looking to identify all households and businesses in Hart that rely on a private water supply or a private water distribution network for their water needs.

If you are a commercial business or supply water to consumers or employees, you must let us know so we can test your water to ensure it is safe to drink. Please see our list of fees regarding private water supply sampling.

If you would like to tell us about a private water supply that you know of, please email or phone on 01252 774421.