Pest control

Get professional help if you have pests such as fleas, wasps or rats in or around your home

We offer a pest control service for homes in Hart

The service is provided through SDK Environmental Limited (trading as Dial A Pest).

If you choose to use this service, you will be charged council-approved fixed rates. There are discounts for customers who receive qualifying benefits. You do not have to use this service and may contact another company, however, their rates may differ.

To book a pest treatment, please call 03444 828 325 or email

You can also book online at these links:

Fees, payment and cancellation

Please see our environmental fees sheet for treatment costs.

You must accept the relevant terms and conditions before a treatment can take place.

Fees are collected by debit or credit card once your booking request has been confirmed.

You are free to cancel the service at any time before treatment starts. Any fees you have paid will then be refunded in full.

Reduced fees apply if you receive a means-tested benefit such as Council Tax Support (not single person discount), Housing Benefit or Family Credit.

You must provide evidence to our contractor of your benefit entitlement before treatment can start ­– otherwise standard charges will apply.