Street cleaning and litter

Our teams of road sweepers and litter pickers work to remove litter and rubbish

We are responsible for all street cleaning within Hart. We're committed to ensuring that we have clean and tidy towns and villages for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

Our teams of road sweepers and litter pickers remove litter and rubbish from 6am, seven days a week. These are assisted by specialist cleansing teams, mechanical sweepers, graffiti removal teams and response units.


Littering is a criminal offence and you can be fined for doing so. This includes:

  • littering including food waste, cigarette butts or chewing gum
  • not cleaning up after your dog
  • putting up posters without permission, known as fly-posting
  • graffiti

Our Environmental Enforcement Officers can issue fixed penalty notices of £100 for these offences.

If you have received a fixed penalty notice you can use our online payments service.

Pay a fixed penalty notice

Public Spaces Protection Orders

Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) have been introduced by the Government to help us tackle anti-social behaviour locally, so that public spaces can be enjoyed by everyone.

We have a Hart-wide PSPO, which makes it an offence for a person to allow a dog to foul and not clean it up.

Read our Public Spaces Protection Order (Dog Fouling)

Dead animals

It can be upsetting to see a dead animal on the roadside, whether it's a pet or a wild animal, such as a fox or a deer.

Our Street Care team is responsible for the removal of dead animals from roads and public open spaces. Bodies of pets will be taken to Dignity pet crematorium near Hook or other local veterinary clinics where they will be scanned for a microchip. We will contact the owner if a microchip is found.

We do not remove smaller wildlife such as birds, wild rabbits, rats and hedgehogs as these are generally removed by other animals as a food source.

Report a dead animal

We log all reports of dead domestic animals that are removed, so if you are missing a family pet and suspect that it may have been involved in an accident, call 01256 622166. Details of where your pet was last seen and any distinguishing features will help us answer your query.