Hart's Green Garden

Community gardening at Edenbrook Country Park

Hart's Green Garden - Growing Together

Hart District Council worked in partnership with Hart Allotment Association and Hart Voluntary Action to develop Hart’s Green Garden. 

The project has created a welcoming and inclusive community space for residents to Grow Together around the shared interest of gardening.

Hart’s Green Garden forms a vibrant part of Edenbrook Country Park’s active area. The project supports our aspiration to establish the park as an award-winning centre of excellence for health and wellbeing. 

Shared facilities and spaces include a shelter, bike racks, compost toilet and communal planting areas to encourage connections between all site users. 

There are two elements to the overall Green Gardening space:  

Minding the Garden - a shared community space  

The Minding the Garden area provides a space for social and therapeutic horticultural activity with Hart Voluntary Action.

The area is also available to community and voluntary organisations as well as local community members.

The shared garden offers a place to relax, a way to engage with nature, meet other people and try your hand at growing on the community plots. It aims to build a community across the generations where all are welcome, working together to make sure that everyone can be involved, no matter what their ability or disability. 

If you are interested in being part of the shared garden, please contact Hart Voluntary Action on 01252 815652, email  mtg@hartvolaction.org.uk or visit the Hart Voluntary Action website.  

Private gardening plots 

Hart's Green Garden’s waiting list for a plot is managed by Hart Allotment Association. All plots are currently occupied.  . 

If you wish to join the waiting list for a plot, please visit hart-allotments.org.uk where you will find the plot application forms for this site as well as the Pilcot allotment site on Hitches Lane, Fleet.

For more information about allotments in your area please contact your local parish or town council. If you are keen to get involved, consider volunteering with Hart Voluntary Action in the shared community garden; contact details above.

Pay your community garden plot annual fee

(Please select 'More payments' and choose 'Countryside' from the drop-down box and then 'Community Garden Plot'.)

Garden documents  

Overview of documentation

Allocation Policy

Environment and Sustainability Policy

Equality, diversity and inclusion commitments

Health and Safety Policy

Inspection schedule

Livestock Policy

Sustainability and environmental commitments