• Current Introduction
  • Contact details
  • Nominated land or building
  • Ownership and occupancy
  • Community value
  • Eligibility
  • Data privacy
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The Community Right to Bid allows communities and parish councils to nominate buildings or land for listing by the local authority as an asset of community value.

You can use this form to make a nomination. You'll need to provide the following information:

  • a description of the nominated land and/or building, including its proposed boundaries. You'll be able to upload a plan
  • a statement of all the information you have with regard to:
    • the names of current occupants of the land and/or building
    • the names and current or last known addresses of all those holding a freehold or leasehold estate in the land and/or building
  • your reasons for thinking that Hart District Council should conclude that the land and/or building is of community value
  • evidence that you are eligible to make a community nomination
  • evidence and reasons to support the nomination