Antisocial behaviour

If antisocial behaviour is a problem where you live, we can offer help and support

In an emergency always call 999

Antisocial behaviour is generally:

  • when someone does something that most people would say is unreasonable
  • something that causes harassment, alarm or distress
  • persistent and ongoing

Examples could include:

  • noisy or disruptive behaviour
  • vandalism and criminal damage        
  • threatening behaviour or intimidation
  • verbal abuse
  • littering
  • graffiti
  • inappropriate use of a vehicle

None of the following behaviours are considered to be ASB:

  • noise, light, dust or other environmental nuisance - for this contact Environmental Health
  • civil disputes between neighbours
  • parking (including badly parked vehicles)
  • children playing
  • neighbours doing DIY (at reasonable times of the day)
  • groups of people in the street or in parks (unless they are being rowdy, abusive, causing damage or committing other crimes)
  • noise caused by everyday living
  • religious or cultural practice (including cooking smells)
  • a 'one-off' party
  • general living noise

Getting help

You may be able to resolve some types of antisocial behaviour yourself if you tackle them with help from friends and neighbours. Try to keep things friendly and avoid any kind of confrontation.

If noise from nearby properties is causing a regular nuisance, and you can’t get it to stop, you can report it to our Environmental Health team.

If you can't resolve the issue yourself, you should:

  • contact your social landlord if you have one
  • report it to the police
  • contact us using the antisocial behaviour reporting form above. Note that we will only be able to support you in investigating further if you can provide evidence (photographic/video) and/or corroborating independent witnesses willing to support your claims.

Community Trigger

If you have reported an issue more than three times in six months and are still unhappy, you can request a Community Trigger. This will trigger an antisocial behaviour case review.

Other ways to get help

An adult at risk

Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board

A child at risk

Hampshire Safeguarding Children Partnership

Domestic abuse

Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership

Possible criminal activity

Hampshire Police

Feeling unsafe in public

Police StreetSafe

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