Charity collections

Street collections

Charitable collections are regulated by the Police, Factories etc (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916.
Please view the Charity Collections Policy

To collect money or sell articles in any street or public place within the District for the benefit of charitable or other purposes, you must obtain a street collection permit.  The permit is free of charge but is a legal requirement.

It is an offence for any person to collect money or sell articles without a permit and/or to breach the adopted street collection regulations

Applications for street collections must be made by charitable organisations at least ONE month before the proposed date of the collection (and not more than one year in advance). 

There is a limit on the number of collections that may be held in one year:

  • Only one charity will be permitted to collect in any town on any one day. No charity will be granted with a permit to collect in the same town more than once in any three-month period;

  • Each application allows a request for one collection date and one town only.

Charitable collections in stores, supermarkets, shopping centres or on private land do not require a Street Collection permit from the Council. However collections will usually require the permission from the store or private land owner.

Where applications are made for collections along a route, such as a procession, full details of the route and number of collectors must be provided.

The granting or refusal of an application will be at the Council's discretion having regards to the individual application, the date, any potential impact with other activities and the history of conduct during previous charity collections made by the applicant as well as having regard to the Charity Collections Policy.

The sale of periodical magazines (e.g. The Big Issue) may be sold without a Street Collection Permit.

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House to house collections

These collections are regulated by the House to House Collection Act 1939. House to house collectors are people calling at houses asking for donations at the door. 

To carry out house to house collections, which can include donations and sometimes clothes or other articles for charity in the District you will need a licence from Hart District Council. As with street collection permits, it is free of charge but a legal requirement.

It is an offence to carry out these activities without the necessary permissions in place and/or to breach the adopted house to house collection regulations.

Applications for house to house collections must be made by charitable organisations at least ONE month before the proposed date of the collection. The legal reasons for refusal may be found in the Charity Collections Policy at section 5.6

To avoid disappointment and to help with the planning of a house to house collection, it is advisable for applicants to provisionally book their preferred collection dates before applying for their licence by contacting the Licensing Team.

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