About business rates

Find out which properties qualify for business rates and how they are calculated

Business rates are charged on most non-domestic premises, such as:

  • shops
  • offices
  • pubs
  • warehouses
  • factories
  • holidays rental homes or guest houses

You’ll probably also have to pay business rates if you use a building or part of a building for non-domestic purposes.

More information, including how rates are calculated, can be found on the Government’s business rates page.

View your business rates account online and look up the amount of your next instalment. If you've not already done so, register for an online account

You can send queries to the business rates team and upload documents using the button below:

Business rates - sending us documents

How to appeal your business rates

We charge and collect business rates based on the rateable value of a property. We do not set the value and cannot change it.

If you disagree with the rateable value of your property, contact the Valuation Office Agency 

National Non-Domestic Rates credits

The Information Commissioner's Office has published information highlighting the risks of releasing details of National Non-Domestic Rates credit balances, in particular the potential for fraud to be committed using this information.  

Therefore, we no longer publish our business rate credits on our website. Requests are exempt under Section 31(1)(a) - Law enforcement. Disclosure of this information would be likely to prejudice the prevention or detection of crime.