Bramshot Farm Country Park

Bramshot Farm Country Park provides 91 acres of open meadows and woodlands

Free parking
Dog friendly
Buggy accessible
Wheelchair accessible
Picnic area
Community orchard
Signposted walks


Bramshot Lane, Fleet

Closest postcode: GU51 2RU

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Signposted walks

  • Leaping Hare Loop (surfaced) 1.3km
  • Old Oak Way (partly surfaced) 1.2km
  • Yaffle Meadows (unsurfaced) 0.4km


The wildlife lover should keep an eye out for some great bird species, as well as reptiles and a small population of great crested newts.

Top 10 species found at Bramshot Farm Country Park:

  • wasp spider
  • broad-leaved helleborine
  • veteran oaks
  • treecreeper
  • buzzards
  • common lizard
  • grass snake
  • fallow deer
  • small copper butterfly
  • cinnabar moth