Discretionary Housing Payments are made to residents, who need help with:

  • a shortfall in rent
  • an advance in rent or a deposit for a new property
  • removal costs

It doesn't matter if you're renting from a housing association or a private landlord.

The funding for Discretionary Housing Payment comes from central Government. This amount is limited each year. Therefore, not everyone will be given assistance.

Who can apply?

Hart residents who are in receipt of Housing Benefit or the housing element of Universal Credit.

Before you apply

We'll look at things like:

  • your income
  • if you have any savings
  • if you or your family have any special circumstances we need to know about

What information do you need to provide?

You'll need to provide the following information:

  • bank or building society statements for the last two months
  • an up-to-date rent statement
  • proof of Universal Credit 
  • your tenancy agreement or proof of the rent you have to pay
  • if you have rent arrears we need proof of the amount you have to pay and your repayment arrangement
  • your National Insurance number

How long will the form take to complete?

The form will take an estimated 20 to 30 minutes to complete.