Annual canvass

Electoral Register Canvass 2022

Every year, we check the details of everyone registered to vote across Hart.

Data from the electoral register are matched with central government records to confirm elector details. Then we write to households advising what they need to do next.
Some households will be required to respond, even if no changes are required to the information held on the Electoral Register. If you are required to respond, please do so straight away, as there will be no need for additional contact from the Electoral Registration Officer and will save the Council money.

Do I need to respond?

It will state at the top of the letter if you need to respond. Please follow the instructions on the letter. Your name may be removed from the Electoral Register if we need a response and you don’t reply.

I must respond, but the details don't need changing

Confirming your details is quick and simple.  You can do this by using the household enquiry website for Hart. You will need to use Part 1 and Part 2 of the security codes printed on your letter.

Alternatively, you can ring 0800 197 9871 (entering your security codes when prompted) or you can text NOCHANGE followed by your security codes to 80212 (texts may be changed at your normal rate).

If you need to make changes to the electoral register

Please use the household enquiry website for Hart. You will need to use Part 1 and Part 2 of the security codes printed on your letter.

If you need to add a new person to the electoral register

Each person will need to register individually. They can do this online at the Register to vote - GOV.UK website. They will need their National Insurance number to complete the process

Making a change to open register preferences for others in your household

If you are the person completing the online enquiry, you can make changes to your preference and decide if you want your information to be included in the open register.

The open register is available for general sale and can be used for any purpose, including commercial activities such as marketing. It excludes the names and addresses of people who have opted out.

The security codes can only be used once, so anyone else who wants to make changes to their open register option can use our changing your open register preference online form

If you have informed us of your preference in previous years, you do not need to do so again.

The electoral register contains the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote. You can view the electoral register at the Civic Offices. Only certain organisations are allowed to have copies of the electoral register. It can only be used for:

  • electoral purposes
  • crime prevention and detection
  • the vetting of applicants for credit.

It is a criminal offence to use it for any unauthorised purpose or to pass it on to anyone else.

Cancel your postal or proxy votes

If you have a postal or proxy vote and decide you want to cancel it, you can do so using our cancel your postal or proxy vote online form.
To arrange to vote by post or by proxy (someone voting on your behalf at your polling station) more information can be found on the voting by post or proxy page.

The 2023 electoral register

We will produce a full and a public version of the electoral register on 1 December 2022.

Contact us

If you have any enquiries regarding electoral services please contact us:

Electoral and Registration Services
Civic Offices
Harlington Way
GU51 4AE

Telephone 01252 774073, 01252 774157 or 01252 774158 or email