Animal Welfare Licensing

Important News Update: Changes to Animal Welfare Licensing

The law requires that we license premises to help ensure that animals are properly looked after, by setting standards for the premises and for the level of care given. These include: home boarders, riding establishments, pet shops selling animals, kennels, catteries, dog breeders breeding three or more litters in a year and keepers of dangerous wild animals. We inspect these premises at least once a year to ensure that they meet the national animal welfare standards. 

How do I apply for or renew my animal licence?

To renew your animal licence for another year without any changes to your current licence conditions, please complete the animal welfare licence renewal form and then pay online (see fees below).

If there are changes to your current licence conditions or you are applying for the first time, please complete the relevant form:


​Animal licenses are valid until 31st December each year, after which they will have to be renewed. The below fees are for a new application, which is the same no matter when you apply:

Home boarding establishment £93.12
Animal boarding establishment (kennels & catteries) £186.25
Pet shop £186.25
Riding establishment (renewal)* £186.25
Riding establishment (new)* £323.11
Dangerous wild animal (renewal)* £186.25
Dangerous wild animal (new)* £323.11
Dog breeding establishment £186.25

*Please note an additional veterinarian's fee is also payable after the site visit is completed

Payments can be made online.

Using animal premises

Our advice to anyone using these premises in the district is to always check that they are licensed by the Council - the premise should have their Council licence on display and you can also check our list of currently licensed premises for home boarders, kennels and catteries, riding establishments and pet shops.

Make sure you inspect the premises prior to leaving your pet, buying an animal, or taking a riding lesson and ensure that riding schools have current public liability insurance. If you have a complaint about a service that you have received from an animal premise, we would advise that you first contact the trader (preferably in writing). If that didn't work, please visit for advice.

Please contact us if you would like further advice about animal licensing or have a concern about a premise on 01252 774421 or email

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