Monitoring equality and diversity

Our vision for Hart is a district that promotes equality and celebrates diversity

We're strongly committed to the principles of equality and diversity and to upholding the law relating to them. We challenge intolerance and discrimination, and positively promote equality and diversity. We believe that all residents should have the opportunity to contribute towards, and benefit from, the district’s success.

Equality objectives

We have published a Corporate Equality Policy which sets out our approach and goals.

Read our equality policy

We are required by the Public Sector Equality Duty to set one or more equality objectives at least every four years. Our equality objectives help us achieve this vision by delivering improvements in policy making, service delivery and employment.

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To improve our understanding of local communities and better target our services, we monitor and collect general equality and diversity information about people in Hart.

This covers things such as gender, age, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, transgender status, relationship status, and pregnancy and maternity status.

We publish an Equality and Diversity profile to provide a snapshot of our district.

Read our equality and diversity profile