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All councillors must adhere to a Code of Conduct. This requires councillors not to:

  • use their position improperly to their own or someone else's advantage or disadvantage
  • use their council's resources improperly
  • do anything to prevent council employees being unbiased
  • bully anyone
  • intimidate anyone involved in an investigation or proceedings about someone's misconduct
  • disclose confidential information
  • stop anyone gaining access to information they are entitled to by law
  • discriminate unlawfully

If you think a district, town or parish councillor has broken any of the rules in their relevant Code of Conduct, you can complain to our Monitoring Officer.

Your complaint must be about:

  • a named councillor who was, at the time of the action you are complaining about, an elected or co-opted member of the parish, town or district councils
  • behaviour covered by the Code of Conduct

You can complain about more than one councillor but must provide full details of each councillor as set out above. You can complain on someone’s behalf but you must have their permission or a right to act on their behalf.

It should take five to ten minutes to complete this form, depending on the amount of detail you submit.