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Grass roots action to tackle climate change

Town and parish councillors in Hart are working to reduce the district’s carbon footprint and to support sustainable living.

Your town or parish council is a good place to start if you want to get involved in promoting sustainability and climate change where you live.

To contact your parish or town council, please view this list of councils in Hart.

We’ve rounded up some highlights of what our parishes and towns are doing to help combat climate change and encourage sustainability. If you're a councillor, or work for a council, please let us know if there's anything you’d like to share on this site.

Please use the webform on this website.

What town and parish councils in Hart are saying about climate change

Crookham Village Parish Council

The Council wants to reduce the carbon footprint of Crookham Village. It encourages residents to make “simple, cheap and effective behavioural and lifestyle changes…to not only reduce their carbon footprint, but also to save them money”.

Dogmersfield Parish Council

In September 2020, councillors started a programme of tree planting in the parish. As well as benefiting the parish, this is intended to contribute to national efforts to combat climate change.

The Council signed up to the National Tree Charter and agreed to plant at least one tree per household in the parish every year for the next five years.

Fleet Town Council

Fleet Town Council published its Climate Change Policy in July 2023. It says the Council will achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2035.

Its aims include researching how to reduce the carbon footprint in its buildings and encouraging all waste to be recycled.

The Council is part of the national Greening Campaign.

Hartley Wintney Parish Council

This parish is home to the Hartley Wintney Climate Action Group. The group is focused on two key areas: biodiversity and retrofit.

Find out more and get involved through the group’s Facebook page.

Odiham Parish Council

The Council adopted an Environment and Climate Change Policy in February 2022.

It was developed by a working group led by Councillor Angela McFarlane, who previously spent six years as a Director at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Other Odiham residents also contributed their professional knowledge.

The Council is part of the national Greening Campaign.

Winchfield Parish Council

The Council aims to plant 1,000 trees in the parish over a five-year period. That’s about one tree per year for every home in the parish. It also plans to plant 500 metres of native hedgerows.

This will provide nesting sites and safe corridors for wildlife. It’ll help tackle climate change by capturing carbon in trees and hedgerows.

Yateley Town Council

The Council set up the Yateley Climate Action Network in 2020 and declared a climate emergency in December 2021. 

It promotes biodiversity as part of its commitment to tackle climate change. Many verges in the parish have been planted with wildflowers. In March 2022 a community orchard was planted at Monteagle Open Space.

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