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Local church goes green with a little help from the Sun!

A Fleet church has tapped into the power of the Sun in its latest step on the journey to net zero.

The Church on the Heath is reaping the benefits in lower energy costs having installed an array of solar panels on the roof of its building which stands at the heart of the town’s Elvetham Heath development.

Aerial view of solar panels at Church on the Heath

In 2016 the Church on the Heath received its first Eco-church award and since then a team of volunteers has been delivering a dazzling range of eco-initiatives.

From sponsoring energy efficient lights, to running educational film nights and tree planting, there have been activities and opportunities for all ages to engage with.

The most ambitious project to date came to fruition in August 2023 when 40 solar panels were added to the church roof. The panels were funded through church member donations and a generous grant from the United Reformed Church’s Wessex Trust.

"Part of what it means to be Christian"

And Church on the Heath minister Rev. Patrick Butler said: "The climate crisis affects us all, so helping our community care for God's creation and doing what we can to reduce our own carbon emissions is absolutely part of what it means to be Christian in the 21st century'".

He added: "The time to act is now! We all have a responsibility to care for this wonderful world and together we can make a difference."

Photos courtesy of Alex Kennedy

Through their activities, the church's Eco Church Team aims to:

  • reduce the church's emissions

  • ensure creation care is an integral part of Christian teaching and

  • help individuals consider their impact on the environment.

The team is made up of people who believe that God wants us to love our global neighbour as well as being good stewards of His creation.

Tapping into a renewable natural resource

Eco Church Team leader, Andrew Cullingford, said: "We are absolutely delighted with the impact that the panels have made since they were commissioned. At times we have seen the church 100 per cent powered by sunshine, and it feels great to be tapping into this natural resource."

For more information please visit the Church on the Heath website.

Or contact Rev. Patrick Butler on 01252 400236

Aerial view of solar panels at Church on the Heath
Grass growing in untidy tufts

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