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Climate change, sustainability and you

The words climate change and sustainability are everywhere these days. On TV, on social media and in newspapers and magazines. But what do they mean and how are they linked?

And why does climate change matter so much that local authorities like Hart District Council have declared a climate emergency?

On this website we explore the link between climate change and human activities. Scientists have found clear evidence that the way we use the Earth’s natural resources is leading to changes in our climate.

We need to conserve these resources, especially fossil fuels, and adopt renewable sources of energy in order to protect our planet. 

If we do this, future generations will also enjoy the Earth's natural wonders.

It’s important to understand where the resources we use come from and how they affect the planet. This will help us make better-informed decisions in our lives. Decisions such as what we eat, how we heat our homes and where and how we travel.

You'll find these topics, and more, on the pages of Impact Hart.

First section: What is climate change?

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