Your council tax

Council Tax is billed to every domestic property, the owner-occupier or a resident will usually have to pay.  However, there are discounts and exemptions available in certain circumstances.

You need to register for Council Tax by completing the Council Tax Registration Form or contact us by emailing or telephoning the Revenues Services on 01252 774444.

The Council Tax is worked out on a daily basis. If you move home you may stop being the liable person for your old property. You should inform us about your move so that we can make adjustments to your bill. This is very important if you are moving to a new council area as you may be eligible for a refund depending on how much you have already paid. You can do this by downloading a change of address form, emailing the details to or by telephoning the Revenues Services on 01252 774444.

Council Tax is payable in advance and we will send your annual bill in March. It is usually paid in ten instalments April to January, on the first of each month, however you can now pay in 12 instalments,  you must request this in writing to us or by emailing

Your right to pay by monthly instalments may be lost if any instalments are not received by or on the date shown on your bill.  The Council may then ask for the years balance to be paid in full.

Ways to Pay Council Tax

Direct Debit - Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay your bill, the payments are made automatically on the 1st of each month.  You can phone us to set up your direct debit or download the Direct Debit form.

Online - through our online payment system.

Other ways to pay are detailed on the back of your Council Tax bill.

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