Winchfield Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Examination Publication (Regulation 16)

Winchfield Parish Council has prepared a new Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish.

The Neighbourhood Plan and supporting information have been submitted to Hart District Council for the purposes of publication, independent examination and, if appropriate, a referendum ahead of the Plan being ‘made’ (adopted) and used to help determine planning applications in the Parish.

Hart District Council is now required to undertake consultation on the Submitted Neighbourhood Plan for comment for a period of six weeks. This consultation runs from Friday 12 May to 4pm Friday 23 June 2023. Comments will not be considered after this time.

Comments will be published on our website along with your name. If a copy is requested by Winchfield Parish Council who prepared the Plan, a redacted copy showing your name and comments will be sent.

How to comment

Please note that comments must be made in writing. We cannot accept anonymous comments, and we cannot accept comments submitted after the publication period stated above. Please use more than one form if commenting on different parts of the plan.

Download the representation form

You can make your comments by: 

  • Emailing a representation form (above) or your comments to:  
  • Printing a representation form or put your comments in a letter and post it to us at:
    Neighbourhood Planning
    Planning Policy Team
    Hart District Council
    Harlington Way
    GU51 4AE

Comments can include a request to be notified of the local planning authority’s decision to ‘make’ or ‘adopt’ the Winchfield Neighbourhood Plan.

Representations that are made on the Plan will be forwarded to an independent Examiner who will then decide if the proposed neighbourhood plan meets a set of prescribed ‘basic conditions’ and other legal requirements. Find further information on the Basic Conditions and the Examination process.

Further information on the representations received and the Neighbourhood Plan examination will be published on our website and the Winchfield Parish Council website as it becomes available.

For any queries on this process please contact

For further details on: how your information is used; how we maintain the security of your information; your rights, including how to access information we hold on you; and how to complain if you have concerns about how your personal details are processed, in relation to Neighbourhood Planning, please see our privacy notice and confidentiality statement.  

Privacy notice  Confidentiality statement


The Submitted Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents can be found below:

Supporting evidence documents and information on previous stages of the Plan are available to view on the Winchfield Parish Council website at

Hard copies

Hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents are also available for inspection at:  

Hart District Council
Harlington Way 
Fleet, Hampshire 
GU51 4AE   
Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm 

Winchfield Inn
Station Road
During opening hours

Barley Mow pub
The Hurst
During opening hours

Winchfield Parish Council
By appointment with the Clerk

Last reviewed: 17 May 2023