The little parish of Winchfield, which lies between the River Whitewater and the river Hart, is right in the centre of the district. It is mentioned in the Domesday book and has one of the oldest churches in the Hart District. It is a very beautiful building, having been built in the 12th century. It is an outstanding example of Norman architecture and well worth a visit.

There is a Stone Age settlement at Bagwell Green, a few hundred yards past the church in the direction of Odiham Common. Winchfield also has a few examples of 16th and 17th century buildings, and a milestone stating that it is 38-39 miles from London.

Winchfield was a very important part of the railway system when about 150 years ago, it was the terminating point for all trains from London. It was here that the mail would be brought and from thence distributed to the rest of the south by mail coach.

Winchfield now forms a central part of the Basingstoke Canal system, with a car park catering for users of the Canal and one of the few launching and landing areas for small boat enthusiasts.

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