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Polling Place Review

The Returning Officer last undertook a polling place review on the 31 October 2014. The link below is for information purposes.

  • Map of Polling Districts (click on the Planning Information - General folder and then tick the box to show Hart Polling Districts)

Hart District Wards - Facts and figures

There are 11 Wards making up Hart District and 21 Town and Parish Councils.

Wards Electorate
Blackwater & Hawley 5717
Crookham East 6042
Crookham West and ​Ewshot 6960
Fleet Central 6676
Fleet East 5950
Fleet West 6208
Hartley Wintney 7080
Hook 6330
Odiham 6467
Yateley East 6935
Yateley West 6610
Total Electorate (DEC 2016) 70,975

For a map of the district showing the parliamentary constituency, county division, district and parish ward boundaries go to Ordnance Survey - Election Maps.

Where to Vote

The most common method of voting is by casting your vote personally in a Polling Station.  There are a number of Polling Stations within the District of Hart, often they are located at the local village hall, school, church hall or at a public building.

You can also find your polling station here. This takes you to an external organisation who are responsible for the information provided.

Polling Stations are chosen to be as convenient as possible for the electorate, with access for people with disabilities being a significant factor. Provisions are made for the disabled such as providing ramps up stairs or guides to assist voters. Please follow the link for further information on the assistance available to disabled voters.

However, we recognise that there are still some voters who will be unable to go to their Polling Station on the day of the election. If this is the case these voters may wish to consider voting by post or proxy.

The situation of our Polling Stations does remain under regular review and any changes will be posted on this website.

Electoral Reviews

Where permitted by statute we review the locations and boundaries of electoral areas and ensure that they meet the needs of all of the electorate. These include District Wards, Parish boundaries, Polling Districts and Polling Places.

To read more about boundary reviews you can visit the LGBC website.

If you have any enquiries regarding electoral services please contact us:-

Electoral and Registration Services
Civic Offices
Harlington Way
GU51 4AE

Telephone 01252 774077 or email elections@hart.gov.uk

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