Types of election & results

As well as Hart District Council and Parish Council elections, there are also elections to Hampshire County Council, for the Police and Crime Commissioner and Parliament.

Election Results 2022

Hart District Council

Hart District Council is made up of 33 Councillors in 11 areas, known as Wards.

You can find out who your local Councillors are by going to the District Councillors page on this website.

Parish and Town Councils

You can find out more about the Parish and Town Councils by going to the Hart Parish and Town Councils webpage.

Parish and Town Councils hold elections every four years, you can find out more information on the schedule of Parish and Town Elections.

Hampshire County Council

Hampshire is divided into electoral divisions. These are similar to our wards, but much bigger and each one has just one councillor.

There are 5 County Councillors covering Hart. You can find out who your County Councillor is by going to the County Councillors webpage.

Hampshire County Council holds elections every four years.

Police and Crime Commissioner

The first election for the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Hampshire Police Authority took place in May 2012. Police and Crime Commissioners are elected every four years and the next election is scheduled to take place in May 2021 (due to the Covid-19 postponement in 2020).


There are two parliamentary constituencies covering Hart - the Aldershot Constituency and the North East Hampshire Constituency. The Aldershot constituency has about 8,265 electors, and the North East Hampshire constituency has about 62,232 electors. These elect two Members of Parliament to the House of Commons.

You can find the contact details for the MPs on the Elected Representatives webpage. 

Previous results

Here you will find details of election results, including who was elected and how many people voted in local, county and parliamentary elections. 

Past elections results from 1973 to 1996 courtesy of the LGC Elections Centre, University of Plymouth.

If you have any enquiries regarding electoral services please contact us:

Telephone 01252 774073, 01252 774157 or 01252 774158 or email elections@hart.gov.uk