Volunteers recognised for vital role during the pandemic

Hart District Council has paid tribute to the role of volunteers during the pandemic who provided invaluable support to our most vulnerable residents and communities.

More than 1,000 people volunteered at least 12,630 hours to help fellow residents in the last year and they are being thanked for their resilience and fortitude in going the extra mile.

Working together with the Council, Hart Voluntary Action (HVA) and Hampshire County Council, our volunteers have delivered food parcels, picked up medicines, reached out to the lonely and frightened and supported the vaccine roll-out and community testing centres.

We would also like to recognise the contribution of informal volunteers in towns and parishes whose small acts of kindness and support made a big difference to their neighbours.

Kirsty Jenkins, Head of Community at Hart District Council, said: “It has been heartening to see Hart communities come together to look after each other throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

“Alongside volunteers working through HVA, numerous groups and clubs have provided mental and physical help to large numbers of our residents, including domestic abuse support, befriending schemes, free lunches, and laptops for children. We have also seen local schools and companies making PPE equipment and ventilators for the NHS.

“Thank you to all our volunteers for your vital role in helping the people of Hart and stepping up when most needed.”

27 April 2021