Stop the spread – park safely

As Hart District Council re-introduces car parking charges on 1 August, it is encouraging motorists to use its cashless payment app to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

The MiPermit app is simple to install and users can easily pay for their parking without touching ticket machines or handling cash. Other benefits include topping up your ticket if you take longer than anticipated and receiving a message when your ticket is close to running out.

There is no extra charge for using the app for all transactions up to £1.60 which covers at least two hours’ parking. 

The app can be downloaded via

Visitors can still opt to pay using the ticket machines.

Hart District Council is re-introducing car parking charges from August – five months after they were suspended as part of the coronavirus lockdown measures. All Council-owned car parks in Hart were made free of charge from 18 March.

However, as the lockdown restrictions have eased and many shops are open, the Council is resuming normal parking enforcement for both on-street and off-street parking in agreement with Hampshire County Council.

Councillor Alan Oliver, Cabinet member for Parking, said: “With our car parks and town centres getting busier as people return to work, and businesses re-open, we’ve decided to reintroduce charges from August. We want to encourage and enable people to safely and confidently visit our town centres in a manner that supports and contributes to the economy of Hart.

“The MiPermit app enables motorists to pay for their parking safely, without having to handle cash or to touch the payment machines. The app is quick and easy to install so we hope as many people as possible can choose this payment method.”

15 July 2020