Mental Health Matters at Work

Managing and supporting people’s mental health at work is a critical and growing challenge for employers.  

In the largest ever survey of mental wellbeing at work in the UK, 86% of employees believed that their job and being at work was a key factor in supporting and protecting their mental health.  However, work can also be one of the biggest causes of stress which, if it becomes unmanageable, can lead to mental health problems. 

At least 1 in 6 workers experience common mental health problems including anxiety and depression every year.

Positively managing mental health in the workplace can reap rewards in terms of staff morale, productivity and loyalty.  A recent analysis by Oxford Economics found that people living with mental health problems contributed an estimated £226 billion gross value added (12.1%) to UK GDP. This is as high as nine times the estimated cost to economic output arising from mental health problems at work.

So on Tuesday 10 October why not celebrate World Mental Health Day in your workplace?  There are lots of ways you can celebrate but it could be as simple as holding a ‘Tea & Talk’ event to start a conversation about mental health.  For tips, guides and resources visit the Mental Health Foundation’s website.  

Many organisations are already taking action to support and protect the mental health of their staff.  This year Hart District Council joined hundreds of organisations across England who have committed to tackle the stigma around mental health, by signing up to the ‘Time to Change’ Employer Pledge.  The council has also appointed a Member Champion for Mental Health, Cllr Stuart Bailey.  For more information about how your business can get involved in the Time to Change campaign and the support available to employers visit the campaign’s website

Here you can find more general information about mental health and wellbeing.

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