Man found guilty of littering in Hart

Hart District Council has taken a man to court following the littering of a cigarette butt in the long stay car park in Hartley Wintney.

Mr Barber, from Grimsby, was witnessed dropping his cigarette butt on the ground and walking away. When questioned at the scene, he provided false details to the officer, claiming his name was ‘Glen’. After further investigation and reviewing CCTV footage from the day, Mr Barber was tracked down. A summons was issued for the non-payment of the littering Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) and for providing false details.

Mr Barber was taken to Basingstoke Magistrates Court on the 28 March 2019 and found guilty in his absence. He received a fine of £100 for the littering offence and was ordered to pay costs of £248 and a victim surcharge of £30. He was also issued a fine of £200 for the false information offence.

Patricia Hughes, Joint Chief Executive of Hart District Council, said: “One of our key priorities as a council is to keep the district a clean, green and safe environment. This prosecution gives a clear message that we will not tolerate littering in the district and my thanks to the officers involved for their hard work in getting this case resolved.”

Hart District Council introduced Environmental Enforcement Officers in May 2017. Officers have the power to issue fines of £75 for anyone caught littering, including cigarette butts and chewing gum, and £50 for anyone failing to clean up after their dog.

For more information please visit the Council’s ‘Stop it, don’t drop it’ webpage

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