Information regarding Travellers situated in Hook

Updated Wednesday 30 January – 11:30am

We identified the landowners and notified them about the Travellers on Monday 7 January. They confirmed they would be instructing their solicitors to start the legal eviction process.

On Wednesday 23 January the landowners served notice on the Travellers, requiring them to vacate the site.

Updated Thursday 20 December - 4:30pm

We are aware that the Travellers have moved on from the site this morning, however a small number have moved to another business park unit across the road. We are trying to establish who is responsible for this land so that we can notify them and they can commence eviction proceedings. We have also updated the police.

Updated Tuesday 18 December - 12:15pm

The Council became aware of an incursion of Travellers on Friday 14 December on private land at Bartley Way, Hook.

As the Travellers are on privately owned land, it is a matter for the land owner to arrange for the eviction. The Police are visiting the site regularly and the landowners are taking action to remove them from the land. Any reports of anti-social behaviour by the travellers should be reported to 101.

For more information read our Frequently Asked Questions about unauthorised encampments.

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