Information regarding Travellers situated in the district

Updated Wednesday 19 September - 10:15am

The travellers were moved off the site last night by the Police and the Hart Countryside Rangers then secured the site. The Rangers are on site today carrying out the clean up of Bramshot Country Park.

Updated Tuesday 18 September - 9:00am

The Council has received reports of a traveller encampment on the site of Bramshot Country Park. This is Council owned land and we are working with the Police. Our officers will be on site today to undertake welfare checks in accordance with legal requirements.

Updated Monday 17 September - 10:15am

The Council is aware the travellers have moved from the site at Elvetham Heath. We have received reports that travellers have arrived at another site in the district and our Officers are currently investigating. We will update this page as and when reports are confirmed.

Updated Thursday 13 September - 1:25pm

The Council is aware of the presence of Travellers on the Park & Ride area at Elvetham Heath.

The Police have attended the site and the landowner has been notified.

Officers will be on site today to undertake welfare checks in accordance with legal requirements.



Updated Monday 3 September - 1:30pm

Following last week's County Court ruling the travellers left the site at 10.40am this morning. The rubbish left behind will be cleared by the landowner as a matter of urgency. They are also looking to install a different barrier at the entrance.

Updated Tuesday 28 August - 2:30pm

The land owners have made a claim for possession in the County Court and have served notice on the travellers to leave the site by Monday 3rd September.

Updated Thursday 23 August - 5:10pm

The Council has been in contact with the landowners this afternoon and is confident that they are taking positive action to expedite the removal of the travellers.

Updated Tuesday 21 August - 4:00pm

Hart District Council has been in touch with the landowners and they are aware of the issue. The landowners have visited the site and are taking appropriate action.

Updated Tuesday 21 August - 10:15am

The Council became aware of an incursion of Travellers at 7.45pm on Monday 20 August on private land in Elvetham Heath.

Officers will be on site today to undertake welfare checks in accordance with legal requirements.

However, as the Travellers are on privately owned land, it is a matter for the land owner to arrange for the eviction.

For more information read our Frequently Asked Questions about unauthorised encampments.

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