Hardship fund launched

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Hart District Council has launched a Local Welfare Provision Hardship service which is a financial assistance scheme to help people who are in a crisis or emergency situation and where low level financial assistance would help prevent the crisis or emergency from escalating.

It is important to note that our Local Welfare Provision Hardship grants are limited to the funding that we receive from the Government. There is no statutory right to a grant and all awards are discretionary. We consider each application based on the circumstances of each applicant.

If people need help with food, we may be able to provide a voucher for a food parcel from a local foodbank. It is unlikely cash awards will be given direct to applicants and payments will be in the form of electronic gift vouchers or payments direct to suppliers.

Who can apply?

To apply for Local Welfare Provision a resident must be at least 18 years old and

  • Be a current resident of Hart District, or have been housed out of the area by Hart’s Housing Services team within the past six months
  • Not have savings that can be relied upon to meet your needs
  • Not be excluded from applying for public funds on the basis of immigration status
  • Not have received a Local Welfare Provision award in the past three weeks, unless they can demonstrate significant exceptional need
  • Not have been refused a Local Welfare Provision award for the same need in the past two weeks, unless they can demonstrate exceptional circumstances
  • Be without sufficient resources which would in turn cause serious risk to your own, or your family’s health or safety or well-being
  • Not be eligible to receive or have received assistance for the requested funding or support from other public funds


  • They need essential help with an emergency (e.g. illness/emergency travel costs) 

Residents may need to provide documents to support their application. This would include items such as identification, proof of address, proof of savings, income and any benefits received. We are likely to need this information for all the adults within the household.

How to apply

Applications should be by email at hardship@hart.gov.uk or if this isn’t possible then by phone on 01252 774420. The email address and phone line are monitored five days a week, excluding Public Holidays, between 9am and 4.30pm. Outside of these hours a message can be left and a response will be given next working day.