Council AGM announces new Chairman and Cabinet members

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 19 May, the new Chairman and Vice Chairman were elected for 2022/23. The Cabinet members and Chairmen of Hart District Council Committees were also appointed. 

The Council has 33 seats, made up of 11 Conservatives, 10 Community Campaign Hart (CCH), 11 Liberal Democrats and one independent.  

Councillor Jane Worlock was elected as Chairman of the Council and Councillor Peter Wildsmith as Vice Chairman. 

The Cabinet Members are:

  • Leader and Strategic Direction and Partnerships - Cllr David Neighbour
  • Deputy Leader and Finance - Cllr James Radley 
  • Commercialisation and Corporate Services - Cllr Richard Quarterman
  • Community - Cllr Stuart Bailey
  • Digital and Communications – Cllr Tony Clarke
  • Environment - Cllr Alan Oliver
  • Place - Cllr Graham Cockarill
  • Regulatory - Cllr Tina Collins

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