Changes to councils’ bin collections 

Information on changes to residents’ rubbish, recycling and garden waste collections in Basingstoke and Deane and Hart will be hitting doormats over the next two weeks. 

Working with Serco, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and Hart District Council are changing waste, recycling and garden waste collections to reduce the distances bin trucks are travelling, revise the routes to incorporate new homes in the area and simplify collections for some residents so their glass and recycling is collected on the same day. 

The changes will be introduced from Monday 22 July and will mean that over half of Basingstoke and Deane's homes, and a small percentage in Hart, will see a change to the day or week their waste and recycling is collected. Nearly all of the garden waste customers across Basingstoke and Deane and Hart will be affected. Those residents remaining on the same collection day may have a change to their collection time. 

The waste bins will continue to be collected at the same frequency* and recycling and glass collections will remain a fortnightly service. Those people signed up to the garden waste service will continue to have their collection every two weeks. 

From today (Monday 1 July) and over the next two weeks, the councils will send a leaflet to all Basingstoke and Deane residents and only affected Hart residents to advise of any changes to their existing waste and recycling service. Garden waste customers will receive a separate leaflet.  

Information on the new collections for each area is also now available to ‘look up’ on the councils’ websites and  

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Enforcement Cllr Hayley Eachus said: “It is important that our residents are aware of the changes we are making to our bin collections to improve the efficiency of the bin collection routes, simplify collections for some of our residents and ensure we are prepared for new homes in the borough. 

“Every household will see a change to their collections whether it’s the day, the week or even the time of day their bins are collected, therefore we will be sending information on the new collection dates to every household. The information will also be available to look up on our website for those residents who have online access. 

Cllr Eachus added: “I appreciate these changes may be confusing at first because we are all in the habit of putting our bins out on a certain day, but we are doing everything we can to minimise the impact of these changes and keep residents informed.” 

Cllr Alan Oliver, Cabinet Member for Environment at Hart District Council, said: “Only a small proportion of residents are having a change in Hart so therefore we are only writing to the residents who will see a change in their collection day. If you don’t receive a leaflet by 22 July then please continue to put out your bins as normal.” 

Serco’s Transformation Director Duncan Hadland said: “Even if your collection day is not changing it is likely that your collection time will change, so please check your leaflet to confirm what time you need to put your bins out in your area.” 

For more information about bin changes in Basingstoke and Deane visit and for changes in Hart visit

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