Temporary road closures

Applying for a Temporary Road Closure

There are three types of road closure - 1) Utilities/roadworks; 2) Community Events; 3) Street Parties.

1) Temporary Road Closures/Restrictions for Roadworks by Utility Companies

Please note:  Hart District Council are no longer processing TTROs and Emergency 5 day Notices for roadworks by utility companies.

For further information and to apply, please contact Hampshire County Council at temporary.road.closures@hants.gov.uk

2) Temporary Road Closures for Community Events (i.e. Carnival, Christmas Market etc)

To apply please complete and return the following forms:  SAG Application Form, Traffic Management Application Form.

  • An event road closure application must be made eight weeks before the event. 

  • The applicant is required to carry Public Liability Insurance to the value of £10 million per claim.

  • Applicants will also be responsible for the signing of the road closure and the diversion route.

  • The event organiser must consult with all residents, businesses and the local town or parish council. If the event is on a local bus route then the bus company must also be consulted.

  • Access for emergency vehicles must be available at all times during the closure.

  • All litter, signs, notices, etc. must be removed as soon as possible after the event.

3) Temporary Road Closures for Street Parties

Central government has published guidance including tips, advice and support on organising a street party.

The advice is for private street parties that groups of residents arrange and which need no insurance or formal risk-assessment. It covers how to arrange a temporary road closure and some street party myths and facts.

To apply for a street party road closure please download our Street Party Application Form for more information. 

Useful Websites:

List of current and planned road closures for roadworks:

Road Name


Date of Closure

Reason for closure

Further information

 Award Road footpath Church Crookham 13/02/23 SSE works Notice of Order
Dippenhall Road Well 17-19 Jan 2023 BT works Notice of Order
Griffin Way North & South Hook 03/10/22-10/03/23 S278 highway works Notice of Order
Guernsey Drive - emergency closure 16/12/22-12/01/23 Fleet 16/12/22 Emergency sewer works Notice of Order
Naishes Lane & Leipzig Barracks Church Crookham 28/02/22-21/01/23 Esso Petroleum pipeline works Notice of Order
Closure 1
Closure 2
Closure 3
Closure 4
Closure 5
Closure 6
Closure 7
Closure 8
Closure 9
Tadpole Lane - for approx. 1 week Ewshot 16/01/23 SE Water works Notice of Order
Thackham's Lane - for approx. 10 weeks Hartley Wintney 09/01/23 Sewer installation works Notice of Order