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HDC Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

Whether you are starting up a business, developing your company or thinking of relocating to Hart, a number of services are available to help you. We have a wide range of information, guidance and support, all designed to help your business succeed. 

The Council has adopted an Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan which set out the strategic direction for economic development in the District, with a focus on business and economic growth.

Over the past 6 months, we have been engaging with local businesses to review Hart's Economic Development Action Plan, with a goal to update the aims to reflect current business needs. This Action Plan will be implemented from October 2017 until 2020. The Economic Development strategy will then be reviewed in 2020 alongside a new Action Plan. 

Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

The Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is a public and private partnership set up to support and sustain economic growth at a local level. It drives economic growth by showcasing success, highlighting opportunities and inspiring thinking. Enterprise M3 is an inclusive and authoritative catalyst for enterprise.

The LEP operates within a network of existing business support, provided by the private sector, the public sector, and a range of membership and not-for-profit sector bodies. The LEP will work in partnership with these bodies, but does not intend to compete with or duplicate their services. It also works within a network of existing public sector funding and decision making, on economic development, planning and infrastructure delivery for example. It also co-operates closely with the network of adjacent Local Enterprise Partnerships on issues of shared interest.

Enterprise M3 Growth Hub - The Enterprise M3 Growth Hub is a government funded expert advice and resource network which helps businesses achieve results quickly through a personal, tailored service focused on growth. If your business works within the Enterprise M3 priority or niche sectors, there is a free personal service with experts to help boost your business growth plans.

This includes:

  • Dedicated ‘Growth Champions’ who focus on supporting individual business's growth plans
  • Bespoke growth plans developed with businesses based on their unique requirements and circumstances
  • A trusted expert services network; the introduction of experts with a proven track record of delivering growth results with clients
  • A wide variety of expertise including: developing new markets; finding finance; innovation; product development and developing staff
  • Impact assessment; growth results really matter to businesses and to the local economy, so we are with businesses every step of the way to track progress.

All businesses at any stage of their development can access and benefit from the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub's services, including their Information BankResource Network and the Business Support Helpline - on 0300 4563565.

To find out more about the Growth Hub or to find out how they can help your business, visit their website or call 01483 478098.

The Council's Procurement Policy

The Council is committed to promoting economic development in Hart. This follows through to how we buy goods and services that are needed to carry out what we do. We ensure that anything we buy is done so transparently in a number of ways. All spend over £500 is published on this website, including the type of products purchased and the name of the supplier. We also hold a contracts register. In addition, purchases we make are governed by the Contract Standing Orders found within Hart's Constitution.

How we advertise contract opportunities

We work in partnership with Capita Procurement Services to help us get the best value for money when we are buying goods and services and securing service contracts. Any upcoming contract opportunities that we have will be advertised on Contracts Finder and available on Capita’s procurement portal. They are still currently accessible via South East Business Portal too (click "Contracts Finder" on the left-hand side). If you are interested in selling to the council register on Capita's Partnership Portal - in addition, you will be able to see a wide range of other contracts being advertised by other organisations who work with Capita.

Working with businesses and the Regulator’s code

In delivering our statutory regulatory functions Hart District Council will act in accordance with the Regulators' Code and our own enforcement policies. All requests for advice and information will be responded to in accordance with our service standards.

The council is committed to supporting business and economic growth. Hart is committed to working with businesses to help them meet their statutory requirements and prosper.

Hart District Council will:

  • Support and promote the local economy by supporting local business
  • Encourage businesses to seek advice
  • Explain the reason for their visits to businesses
  • Carry out regulatory activity in a fair, transparent, proportionate and consistent way
  • Be accountable
  • Minimise the cost of compliance for businesses by ensuring any action taken is proportionate to risk
  • Co-ordinate services to minimise unnecessary overlaps and duplication
  • Consult with businesses when developing policies, plans, procedures and service standards

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