Safety advisory group

Are you intending to hold a Public Event in the District?

Anyone who organises an event, regardless of whether it is managed by an individual, volunteers or professional event staff, has a responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of anyone who may be affected in any way by the event. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that he or she is aware of, and complies with, all the legislation relevant to the activity being undertaken.

Hart District Council fully supports community events taking place throughout the District and is available to provide specialist advice to help ensure the safe running of your event. To assist you in holding an event you can ask for a meeting with the Council's Safety Advisory Group (SAG).

Please read the event checklist to help you plan your event.

The role of a Local Authority Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

SAGs are made up of representatives from the Local Authority (LA), emergency services and other relevant bodies. They meet at regular intervals, or when necessary, to review event applications and advise on public safety.

SAGs do not have legal powers or responsibilities and are not empowered to approve or prohibit events from taking place. They provide independent advice to event organisers, who retain legal responsibility for ensuring a safe event (individual representatives of organisations forming the SAG may have powers to require event organisers to comply with their legal obligations).

Event organisers should determine whether there is a SAG, or similar arrangements, in the relevant area and, if appropriate, depending on the size and nature of the event, submit an event application to the SAG. This is usually voluntary although the landlord or others involved in the event e.g. an LA may require it.

The SAG will advise the event organiser of the outcome of their assessment of the event application. If any relevant subject has not been considered, e.g. fire or health and safety, it should be made clear to the organiser at the same time. When SAGs consider applications where LAs have responsibilities, e.g. as an organiser / co-organiser or landowner, the SAG should make the relevant LA department aware of any concerns so that they can act accordingly. It is the event organiser’s responsibility to take any appropriate action.

It can be difficult to strike the right balance in deciding which events should be considered by a SAG. The guiding principle is that events presenting a significant public safety risk (whether in terms of numbers of people attending or the nature of the event and/or the challenge of the environment) should be considered. However, small events like village fetes, where large numbers are not expected and/or the event is routine in relation to the activity normally carried out, need not go to a SAG.

You may wish to refer to the Event Safety Guide (Purple Guide) which can be found on the HSE website

If you require further information regarding the Safety Advisory Group please contact Neil Hince on 01252 774280 or the Environmental Health Department on 01252 774421 or email

What forms/documents need to be submitted?