The parish lies to the west of the District amidst very pleasant country scenery and has its fair share of old and interesting buildings. Sixty five Listed Buildings include Cowfold Farm, Yew Tree Cottage, the church (built before 1200), and a magnificent Victorian mansion called Tylney Hall. Tylney Hall is set in 66 acres of beautiful countryside and was built on the site of an earlier manor house. It has now been transformed into a luxury country house hotel boasting an Italianate lounge, wood-panelled library and glass-domed restaurant. The garden is being restored to its former glory.

Rotherwick has a network of an active footpaths radiating from the village centre to the surrounding open countryside. One of the most popular starts close to The Coach and Horses public house and crosses open fields to the ridge at Great Nightingales Copse where fine views of the village and countryside can be enjoyed.

Parish profile

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Neighbourhood Plan

Rotherwick Parish Council has developed a Neighbourhood Plan. Following a positive referendum result, Hart District Council has made the Rotherwick Neighbourhood Plan (“the Plan”) part of the Development Plan at a Council meeting on Thursday 15 December 2016.

A summary of the Neighbourhood Plan process can be viewed below:




Thursday 3 November 2016.

Declaration of Result of Poll

Examination: June 2016

Examiner's Report received on 30 June 2016.

Submission:  Rotherwick
Neighbourhood Plan: Consultation - 29 April to 10 June 2016

Rotherwick Submission Plan

Rotherwick Consultation Statement

Rotherwick Basic Conditions Statement

Consultation on the Rotherwick Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan 2016 – 2032:

December 2015 – January 2016

For more information on this stage visit:

Hart District Council comments

Rotherwick NP Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Determination

This document sets out whether there is a need for the Plan to produce a Strategic Environmental Assessment. It concludes that there is no need for further assessment.

Neighbourhood Area

On the 2nd of October 2014, Hart District Council approved the designation of the whole parish of Rotherwick as a Neighbourhood Area, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

Details of the Neighbourhood Plan Area can be viewed below:

Rotherwick Parish Council Covering Letter: Neighbourhood Plan
Rotherwick Neighbourhood Plan Area Map and Survey 2012/13

Rotherwick Parish Council contact details