Planning advice for businesses

Advice Before Applying

Before submitting a planning application, we would encourage you to review your proposals with a planning officer and receive advice from us. Pre-application advice may help to minimise the costs of subsequent planning applications or avoid submitting a completely unacceptable proposal. Complete our online form to get started for which charges apply

Hart District Council strongly encourages prospective developers to engage with Parish Councils and other relevant groups regarding any development proposal. Please see our guideline on pre-application discussion.  

Why should I obtain pre-application advice?

Pre-application advice will help you:

  • Identify aspects of your proposal that may need amending
  • Identify specific documentation required when submitting your formal application
  • Receive advice on any consultation you should carry out before applying
  • Find out how we apply Government, Regional and Local Policies and other material considerations to your proposed development

Pre-application advice will:

Increase your chances of submitting a successful planning application  |  Avoid delays as a result of changes, amendments or unforeseen issues  |  Save you costs on a potential re-submission  | Help ensure any relevant planning obligation is completed in time

Charges for pre-application advice

There is a fee for pre-application advice. The charges are dependent on the complexity of the proposed development and the level of response and advice sought by the applicant and cover administrative costs, officers’ time for research, assessment, a meeting or a written response as necessary. Payment will be required in advance.

The Council can also provide Specialist Advice for Tree Preservation Orders, Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas. 

Publicity of pre-application discussions

To ensure fairness and transparency the Council publishes all pre-application requests submitted since 1 January 2014 online. If requested to, we would have to disclose information regarding a pre-application request unless the information involved is matters of financial commercial sensitivity. If you believe that your pre-application request involves financially sensitive material then you need to set this out in your request. Any non-commercially financially sensitive parts of a pre-application request will still be published.

Any advice given will be accurate, objective and without prejudice to the formal consideration and outcome of a subsequent application involving statutory consultations. It is given in good faith based on relevant issues in place at the time of consideration. The level of advice will depend upon the level on information supplied at the outset and is no substitute to you carrying out independent surveys and research.

How to contact Planning:


Phone: 01252 774419

Write: Planning Services, Hart District Council, Civic Offices, Harlington Way, Fleet, Hampshire GU51 4AE.