Pest control

We offer a chargeable pest control service to residential properties for certain pests which present a recognised public health threat. We also offer advice and investigate complaints, taking formal action against offenders where required. 

To book a pest control treatment or for advice please call 01252 774421


Rodent Control                    £63
Wasps nest                          
Each additional nest               £15

Insects e.g. fleas, cockroaches
Up to 3 bedrooms                  £50
Up to 4 bedrooms                  £65
​Up to 5 bedrooms                  £80

Up to 3 bedrooms                  £120   
Up to 4 bedrooms                  £140
​Up to 5 bedrooms                  £160

Fees are collected by debit or credit card when your booking is confirmed, you may still pay by cash on the day, but we discourage this for your and our staff's safety. You are free to cancel any time before we start treatment and any fees you have paid will then be refunded in full.

Reduced fees apply if you receive a means tested benefit e.g. council tax (not single person discount), housing benefit, family credit. These are Rodent Control £0 (Free), Wasps Nest £25 (Each additional nest £8), Insects, fleas and cockroaches £35 and Bedbugs £70.          

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How to contact Environmental Health


Phone: 01252 774421

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