General election day across Hart

Polling station sign on a white background with disabled access sign underneath

Polling stations are open for the general election today until 10pm.

All voters at polling stations will need to show photo ID before voting. You can find out more information and check a list of accepted forms of photo ID on our Voter ID page

Your polling card includes details of your designated polling station or you can use the Electoral Commission’s polling station finder:

Find your polling station

There have been changes since the last general election due to the 2023 Review of Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries, so some Hart residents will now be in a different constituency from when they last voted in a general election.

Most Hart residents are in the North East Hampshire constituency but if you live in Yateley East or Blackwater and Hawley you fall under the Aldershot constituency. 

Residents in Basing and Upton Grey and Bramley are also in the North East Hampshire constituency.

More information on elections can be found in the Voting and elections section of this website. 


We'll be counting the votes for the parliamentary election for the North East Hampshire constituency through the night once the polling stations close. 

We expect to have a result between 3am and 4am. We'll publish the results on the Elections section of our website and also share updates on our Facebook and X channels.

If you live in Yateley East, and Blackwater and Hawley, results for the Aldershot constituency will be shared by Rushmoor Borough Council

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Is this page helpful?