Local countryside projects

As well as the work the Rangers undertake, we have a variety of other nature related schemes which we are implementing across the district.  

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Biodiversity Action Plan for Hart

In early 2012, the first five-year Hart Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) was adopted. Over the period covered by the first BAP a number of new Sites of Importance for Nature conservation (SINCs) were designated, 'BioBlitz' events were held at Broad Oak Common and Basingbourne Heath, wildflower meadow creation schemes were developed across the district and biodiversity in Hart was promoted through evening talks and articles in the media.

In July 2018 a new, revised and updated BAP was adopted. The latest BAP builds on the previous plan by setting targets for biodiversity achievement in planning, site management and monitoring and education and awareness.

The Hart biodiversity action plan will be implemented by the Council’s Biodiversity Officer in partnership with other groups such as parish councils, residents' associations, other conservation organisations (e.g. RSPB, Wildlife Trust) and developers.

The plan also includes a spring annual review as well as a full five-year review in 2023. This will allow the document to evolve and remain relevant and up to date.

How can you get involved?

If you would like advice or help with a potential project in Hart or would like some advice about local biodiversity, then please email countryside@hart.gov.uk


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Community involvement

The Countryside department sources funding which enables it to give back to the local community. Environmental enhancements supports larger projects such as the Cricket Hill Pond Restoration. Together these projects will help enhance the district biologically and aesthetically, really making Hart a great place to live.