LIVE: Election coverage 2021

9:00am - 10 May 2021

Today we're back counting the votes for the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). All figures will be sent to Southampton City Council, where they will then announce the elected candidate.

For more information please visit Southampton City Council's website



All votes have been counted and the elected candidates have been declared for the Parish Council Election

This concludes the counting for today. 


The following results have been announced for the Neighbourhood Plan Referendums:


The results have been declared for the following wards:

This concludes the count for the Hart District Council elections. 

We will now start to count the Parish wards.


The results have been declared for the following wards:


The results have been declared for the following wards:


The results have been declared for the following ward:


The results have been declared for the following wards:


The Hart District Council Ward turnout figures are: 

  • Blackwater & Hawley – 36%
  • Crookham East – 45%
  • Crookham West and Ewshot – 39%
  • Fleet Central – 41%
  • Fleet East – 45%
  • Fleet West – 44%
  • Hartley Wintney – 42%
  • Hook – 40%
  • Odiham – 42%
  • Yateley East – 39% (updated at 1:00pm)
  • Yateley West – 43%


9:30am - Saturday 8 May 2021

Counting has started for the Hart District Council election. All results will be published on this webpage.



The results for the Hampshire County Council Election have been announced.

For full results for Hampshire visit



Verification is complete and counting is now underway for the Hampshire County Council election.



All the ballot boxes are set up and ready to validate. Don’t forget that the different election counts will take place over 3 days (Fri, Sat & Mon). We'll post results to this webpage as and when they come in. 


8:30am - Thursday 6 May 2021

We are currently running Elections for Hampshire County Council, Hart District Council, Parish Councils and the Police and Crime Commissioner. There are also two Neighbourhood Planning Referendums across Hart.

Residents from across the district will be voting on 6 May 2021 between 7am and 10pm to decide which candidates they would like to represent them.

The timetable of results is detailed below:

  • 7 May – Verification of all votes from 9am. Hampshire County Council count to follow.
  • 8 May – The Hart District Council count will start at 9am. After the district result announcement we will then count the Parish wards and Neighbourhood plan referendums.  
  • 10 May – The Police and Crime Commissioner count will start at 9am.

We will post the results on this page of the website.

Other useful information:

Publication of the Statements of Persons Nominated 

Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations

General information and news updates