Highways & parking

We process temporary road closures for Hampshire County Council and utility companies when parts of streets must be closed for essential work. We also manage road closures for events such as the Fleet Carnival and Fleet Half Marathon. Other traffic management works we carry out include waiting restrictions and use of speed indicator devices to educate drivers who exceed the marked speed limits.

We are responsible for the erection, repair, maintenance and replacement of street name plates. On new developments, the developer is responsible for arranging the erection of street name plates. All other directional and statutory signs associated with highways are the responsibility of Hampshire County Council.

Abandoned Vehicles

A vehicle is classified as abandoned if it is untaxed and the owner or keeper cannot be identified, or fails to respond to a legal notice. For useful information from the Police on how to deal with abandoned vehicles on private land, please see guidance on its 'someone has left a car on my land, what should I do?' webpage.

The DVLA offers a service where you can request information about a vehicle's registered keeper, but only if you have 'reasonable cause' which includes an abandoned car.  


The Council, in certain circumstances, will allow, by the issue of a dispensation, a vehicle or vehicles to park lawfully in what otherwise would be a contravention of a Traffic Regulation Order.

Winter road travel advice

Snow, ice, high winds, mist and fog, heavy rain - winter can bring all kinds of severe weather. These present different challenges both for keeping the Highways Agency network open and for road users driving through difficult conditions. Please read the Met Office advice for travelling in severe weather for more information.

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Contact us about parking

  • parking@hart.gov.uk
  • Car parking enquiries: 01252 625990
  • Penalty Charge Notice Payments: 01252 625991