Hart 2040 consultation

Hart’s Vision 2040 is an important document giving some direction in developing future policy.

This document is about stating how we would like Hart to look in a little over 20 years’ time; given the constraints, challenges and projections which we can reasonably expect to come about. As such it is a short document, but it is important as it tells us and our residents what priorities Hart should make when faced with options. This however is the first iteration, and will be further developed over time.

This is an opportunity for all residents and organisations in Hart to tell us how they would like the district to move forward which is why we are asking for views in this consultation. We really value the comments from our community about if they agree with our Vision or if they would rather see different attributes highlighted or changes that would improve it. 

The consultation will run until 4pm on 31 January 2019.

Here you can view the draft Hart's Vision 2040 document

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

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Gives local people a real sense of community, providing a strong narrative on the strengths of the district including our heritage, environment and culture
Improves affordability of homes, so families can stay close together and so key workers can afford to live in Hart and help our communities flourish
Ensures work, education, health and other facilities are easily reachable through effective road and rail transport links
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Developing the skills we need for the future by delivering a higher/further education campus within the district, working with local educational providers, with a technological focus
Helping our micro/small businesses grow and our residents to work flexibly, with casual office space providing high speed internet
Reducing the impact of climate change by building in sustainability and using new technologies to mitigate the impact of climate change
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Creation of green corridors between all settlements to encourage sustainable healthy transport and provide cycles for hire to enable movement
Enhancing our leisure provision e.g. new country parks delivering improved facilities, and through promotion of culture and heritage in the districts e.g. through events
Working with existing public sector sports facilities providers in the district to create an improved/coordinated health offer for our residents

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