Greywell is another village of character and charm and lies between Odiham and Basingstoke. It stands on the west bank of the River Whitewater and not far from its source. Part of the Basingstoke Canal is within the parish, with the entrance to the Greywell Tunnel in the centre of the village. This 1,200 yard long tunnel was one of the longest in the British canal system. It collapsed in the middle some years ago and now houses a protected colony of bats. Beyond the tunnel the canal is just a dried ditch, but originally it went on to Basingstoke.

Much of the village is a Conservation Area containing many picturesque buildings. Old Wharf House was formerly the village bakery and then the village shop, with the Basingstoke Canal tunnel passing underneath the garden. The 12th Century Church of Saint Mary's is on the banks of the River Whitewater.

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